Our Local Future



Local Future helps communities develop compassionate, resilient, sustainable, local systems to provide food, energy, transportation, jobs and essential services.

Local Future Network members develop these systems by helping their communities to transition from dependent units of a global economy; into independent cultures of compassionate, sustainable, local economy.

Global Problems

The current global system creates global problems:

  • high unemployment
  • economic instability
  • chronic poverty
  • institutional cruelty
  • geopolitical conflict
  • over population
  • resource depletion
  • environmental destruction
  • mass extinction
  • biodiversity loss
  • climate change

More effective systems can be created.

Local Solutions

New local systems are being developed that are grounded in a value system of truth, compassion, understanding, sustainability, renewal and community.

Developing new systems requires dedicated individuals who share the common value system, walk a common path, and move towards a common vision of the future.

Local systems are needed to provide:

  • jobs - that are challenging, safe, fulfilling and community oriented
  • money - community currency that facilitates trade, motivates progress and reinforces values
  • food - that is local, nutritious, compassionate, sustainable, organic and available year-round
  • energy - heat, electricity and fuels from the current renewable sources of sun, wind, water and biomass
  • transportation - walk-able communities, ride sharing, mass transit, community owned and human powered vehicles
  • homes - safe, comfortable and inviting, zero energy home retrofits
  • water - fresh, clean, free water that is provided locally
  • waste management  - emphasizing reduction, reuse and recycling
  • health care - high quality, low cost, community based prevention and response
  • education - local teachers and libraries dedicated to providing continuing service to their community
  • security - utilizing open communication, problem solving, education, dialogue and community solidarity
  • entertainment - local arts, crafts, and performance for all to participate in and enjoy
  • culture - celebrating and remembering cultural history
  • spirituality - inviting and supporting all in their exploration of the deeper questions of life

Members of Local Future Network communicate and meet to learn, support, plan, and act.  They take the initiative to move towards a sustainability as both individuals and as part of their communities.  Their shared value system of truth, compassion, understanding, sustainability, renewal and community guides their actions toward a vision of a prosperous local future.

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You are invited to join Local Future to make the future a better place for all.